best cartridge for 1960's rock-ola
07.02.12 17:37
hi, i have rebuilt the valve amp in my 403 and all is good. i would like to fit a better cartridge than a replacement for the astatic 17D which i find sounds a little 'thin'. any suggestions for around 30 to 50 euro?

many thanks, nick.
Re: best cartridge for 1960's rock-ola
08.02.12 19:33
Hello Nick,

the main stream solution seems to be the Pfanstiehl P-132D.
I'm using it in a 430 that has basically the same Amp, and speakers as your 403.

Re: best cartridge for 1960's rock-ola
09.02.12 12:33
hi clemens,
thanks for your reply. i have been looking at the P-132D and will certainly give it a try. i have put in a bsr st12m and the sound is greatly improved, much 'fatter', but it 'looks' wrong and bothers me a little. the profile of the P-132D is much like the original. i am in the process of rebuilding my amp a little at a time so hopefully all will be good when completed.

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