Purchasing a jukebox: Some general advise

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Purchasing a jukebox: Some general advise
21.04.24 18:55
If you want to buy a jukebox, you should consider some issues in advance.
The more information you gather in advance, the more likely you are to make a good purchase.

A comprehensive collection of general tips has already been compiled in the archive and can be read here: [www.jukebox-world.de]

Furthermore, some users have also given these tips:

You should ideally have in mind the style of jukebox you want to purchase, where you are going to place it in your home, will it go with the decoration or will you change the decor to suit the jukebox?
All jukeboxes look smaller when in someone’s showroom or workshop and a lot bigger when in your home, you have to agree as a couple when buying a jukebox, it’s a bit like having a pet, it could be part of your family for a long time.
The rule of thumb when buying from a none dealer is to make sure all the cabinet trim and the mechanical/electronic parts are complete, trying to find a replacement on some jukeboxes is very difficult and also costly.
Usually any pre electronic jukebox will require a regular service and lubrication to keep it operational, especially earlier jukeboxes.
Ideally find a local engineer who can correctly support you with the servicing of your acquired jukebox. You could ask the engineer if he would be prepared to give you tuition on the day to day adjustments on the jukebox, this would ensure that any adjustments made were the correct ones and the engineer would still be available for major faults and servicing.
Do not be swayed by people saying that your choice of jukebox is not a jukebox because it is not a Golden Era jukebox. We are all different in our likes and dislikes and that is also true in what we like in jukeboxes or in fact the type of music we wish to play on our jukeboxes.

At Internet auctions you should ask the seller a few questions. If, in the case of German auctions (the jukebox is located in
Germany) answers get done in English, you should be wary.

Be careful if the same model gets offered frequently.

Read ad texts as carefully as possible. If they read as if an automatic translation program has translated into German, then be careful.

Is the price unusually low? Then be skeptical and ask specific questions which only the real owner can answer.

You can also get a lot of information via the Ebay rating system. Keyword: Finished offers!
For example, if a seller has sold around 15 jukeboxes over the last few months and only very few jukeboxes appear in his rating profile, caution may be advised.
Sellers who are honest usually do not have a "private seller profile".
Since complete jukeboxes often involve large sums of money, you should weigh up everything.

Another possibility is, if you know someone who is familiar with jukeboxes, to ask - or even better, take this person with you when purchasing the jukebox.

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