Nsm prestige es 160 computer problem update !!
23.03.24 10:52
Hi to all ,
I am working on my prestige es 160 .

Recap all capisitors in de central unit and all pcb units preamps etc.

Replaced 2 powertransitors bdw83c and bdw84c .

So now all leds are on and voltages are there when i turn on the jukebox.

The only thing not starting up is de computer and no display.

I checkt all voltages on the molex connector to the computer and they are all there accept the 16v on the bleu wire and 16v on the rose wire ( going to the opto it seems )

The only thing i can do is move the carrige with the green knop on the central unit .

Anyone Any input what i can do next ?

Regards nico

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Re: Nsm prestige es 160 computer problem
21.04.24 09:49

Computer was broken, replaced and works now.

Regards nico
Re: Nsm prestige es 160 computer problem update !!
10.05.24 15:12
After checking all capisitors i have found my problem .
The original computer was not broken .
The problem was capisitor 201 on the board that was installed wrong by me .
There are 3 points on the original capisitors that are in a loop on ground , the new one dont have that.
I have installed it wrong so there was no ground at all .
There for the computer had no 5v with enough current to function.
The new computer i installed did not need this so it workt fine .

There is a difference between old and newer computers .
So be carefull how u place the capisitors and it was my fault to begin with .
And i was very lucky i didend blow the new computer , and i wont install it now because its for a 4 led central unit !! And mine is a 6 led computer.

Regards nico
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