Wiegandt Tonmaster

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Wiegandt Tonmaster
20.03.24 09:33
Hi guys ,what can be done if Wiegandt Tonmaster cartridges is broken,are there any options?
Is it ever for sale?

R. Vellu

Hallo Leute, was kann man tun, wenn das Wiegandt Tonmaster-Tonabnehmersystem kaputt ist? Gibt es irgendwelche Möglichkeiten?
Steht es jemals zum Verkauf? ( Google translate)
Re: Wiegandt Tonmaster
22.03.24 00:35
Hi Vellu,

as far i know is there no system any longer for sale. And if they're that old that they are dryed out and no longer for use.
But here in Germany is a company you can send your cartridge to and they will repair it.
They do a good job on these crystal cartridges. The cost is something around 80 Euro if i remember right.
I don't know where you come from, but if this will be an opportunity for you let me know and i will give you their contact informations.

Best wishes

Re: Wiegandt Tonmaster
22.03.24 08:42
Hi Gernot!

I'm from Finland (the happiest country in the world, maybe not true), but I am when I got your message, thanks :) . Please put the contact information, I will inquire about the repair from them.

Have a nice weekend and thank you very much for your reply!

Re: Wiegandt Tonmaster
23.03.24 07:28
Hello Vellu, "do it yourself" makes even more happy, but only if it works at the end. If you are interested, let me know and I can send you a short description.
Best regards Jürgen
Re: Wiegandt Tonmaster
23.03.24 08:47
Hi Jurgen2

Sounds great ,yes please

R. vellu
Re: Wiegandt Tonmaster
24.03.24 23:30
Hi Vellu,

the adress and contact for the cartridge repair is:

HSE Schmidt Elektronik Johanna Schmidt

E-mail: info@hse-radio.de

Wiesenstraße 18 in D-91522 Ansbach

Tel.: +49(0)981 87617

Hope that helps. They had done a good job on my Tonmaster cartridge

Best wishes
Re: Wiegandt Tonmaster
25.03.24 06:20
Thank you, I'll inquire about a fix from them.

Best regards!
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