HF100R will not trip/reject
09.11.22 07:27
Hi all.

I have a Seeburg Hf100R that does not trip or reject.

Worked nicely but suddenly a spark came from somewhere (not clear where) and since then the mechanism has not tripping. I double checked everything several times, readjusted everything, contacts 100% clean, trip solenoid measured (6.2ohm), fuses replaced, contact block (frog) adjusted and cleaned, mechanism completely rewired, receiver checked and capacitors replaced but still no result! Unfortunately…

Anyone have any idea where to look?? After selecting via keyboard or manually on the pin bank, the mechanism does go into scan mode but does not trip. As soon as I manually push the clutch lever up, it goes into play mode. However, I can't cancel the record with the tonearm or on the back of the cabinet either. Have 25v(ac) on frog/contact block.

Best regards
Re: HF100R will not trip/reject
09.11.22 12:15
Solved. Problem was the service switch
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