Wurlitzer Niagara
19.09.22 10:58
This jukebox will accept credits and display song number when it has been keyed in but the record basket and mechanism do not start. Fuses are all ok.
The basket will move when I manually press the lever. The LEDS on SCC will light as they should
I can also trip the mechanism into operation at the cam so mechanically its ok.
Overall the SCC is not communicating with the mechanism so if anyone knows of any reason or have had experience with this type of problem can you let me know please
Re: Wurlitzer Niagara
19.09.22 20:48
Welche SCC genau ?
Re: Wurlitzer Niagara
26.09.22 21:13
Sorry only getting back to this. Its a SL600. However I got it selecting the K7 switch lever needed to be adjusted. Now have to get sound. The fusetron lamps are not overloading and main fuses are fine. Have to investigate cartridge,cables and mute relay.
In fact it's one of the rare times that I haven't had the amp overloading
Re: Wurlitzer Niagara
02.10.22 01:28
Thought it was an amplifier problem but mute relay was reading zero ohms. That wasn't the end if the problem. Volume was cutting in and out. Thought then it was cartridge but the real problem was the tone arm cable, even though it looked OK there must have been a problem with it. When I changed the tone arm wire everything was fine. Hope this helps someone in the future
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