harting m100k
16.12.21 10:33
Hallo zusammen; Ich habe eine harting m100k musikbox, der Mechanismus scheint in Ordnung zu sein, außer was ich auf den Fotos zeige.
Hat jemand eine Übereinstimmung, um mir die Reparaturrichtlinien zu geben, vielen Dank

Ich brauche jemanden, der diese Jukebox hat, der mir hilft, eine Nachbildung zu machen oder die fehlenden Teile zu finden.


1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 16.12.21 12:01.
Re: harting m100k
16.12.21 17:53

leider habe ich die Box inzwischen nicht mehr, aber noch zwei Fotos. Darauf ist zumindest erkennbar, wie der Tonarm eigentlich aussehen sollte. Ich schätze, Du wirst einen neuen brauchen.

Bei meiner Box war das originale Elac-Tonsystem defekt und ich hatte stattdessen ein Pfanstiehl P132-D eingebaut. Mit etwas mechanischer Bearbeitung des Tonarms kann man das so hinbekommen, dass auch problemlos auf das Elac zurückgebaut werden kann. Ich hatte das Pfanstiehl geklemmt und punktuell mit Klebstoff fixiert.

Viele Grüße

Re: harting m100k
16.12.21 19:03
Hallo c,
Aus meiner Sicht fehlen doch nur das abgebrochene Gegengewicht (16mm rund x 18,5mm, Blei) und die Tonarmachse (2mm rund x 15mm, Eisen),
Gruß PitinWHV.
Re: harting m100k
17.12.21 09:28
Vielen Dank an euch beide für die Antwort, das sind in der Tat die fehlenden Teile. Danke für die Bilder.

Weiß jemand wo man Ersatzteile bekommt?
Re: harting m100k
21.12.21 16:22
Dank der bereitgestellten Informationen konnte ich den Teil des Tonarms wieder aufbauen, um eine Nachbildung zu machen, aber ich habe andere Fehler gefunden, das Karussell wollte nicht aufhören und ich musste den k2-Kontakt anpassen, auch den Magnetkern von Die Spule war verloren gegangen, also muss ich eine neue finden. Ich werde es dir sagen. Dank an alle.

1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 22.12.21 03:35.
Re: harting m100k
11.01.22 14:11
Ich mache nach und nach Fortschritte und Anpassungen, obwohl ich einige nicht lösen konnte.

Der Motor dreht sich nicht, obwohl er klickt und der Strom ihn erreicht, er vibriert nur ... Ich habe überprüft, dass es sich um einen Einphasenmotor mit Split-Phase handelt, aber ich kann ihn nicht starten,

bitte um hilfe?


1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 11.01.22 14:12.
Re: harting m100k
20.01.22 10:42
Ich benötige die Hilfe dieses Forums, um mit der Wiederherstellung fortzufahren.
Ich brauche jemanden, der dieses Jukebox-Modell sehr gut kennt.
Der Wechseldrehpunkt der Scheibe ist heraus, er hat mit den 2 Gesichtern geknackt.
Ich brauche die Ruheposition bitte, um es wieder in seine Position zu bringen

Re: harting m100k
20.01.22 12:51
Hallo C,
Es gibt sicher einige Leute die helfen würden, leider ist die Problembeschreibung etwas unverständlich.
Gruß PitinWHV.
Re: harting m100k
20.01.22 13:55
I would need is to put the metallic part in the right place... I need the rest position in order to make properly the selection cycle please


1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 21.01.22 02:54.
Re: harting m100k
20.01.22 15:37
Hello C,
English is much easier to understand than google german.
Can you please take some pictures with larger „horizon“, not so closeup?
Thanks, Regards PitinWHV.
Re: harting m100k
20.01.22 17:09
Anyone which own a harting m100k could attached a pair or three pics of "the selecting sides records device" please?


1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 21.01.22 02:51.
Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 03:48
I have enclosed pics with the improvements have done at this time. :) in harting m100k

_New turntable motor adapting procedure

( I,m not advocate at doing adapting but when lack of original replacements theres no too much options).

_New coil for "carrousel spinning and selecting control"

_Tonearm nearly fully restored

- Lot of cleaning and adjusting.

Thank you. Viele Grübe :)


Anyone could please hang a picture of this part? (sides record selector)


5 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 21.01.22 07:11.
Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 11:02
Hello C,
hope this pic will do,
regards PitinWHV.

Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 11:59
Thank you for your help pitinwhv, I need to see that piece of metal with golden joint to see how it goes, because mine out of its place and and lose.


1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 21.01.22 12:00.
Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 12:49
Hello C,
in my working mechanism the golden joint is invisible from above.
So I take a look and pic from below and marked the golden joint with green arrow.
In my opinion that is the right thing, because there is no other. The joint runs on the big curved wheel.
If there is any blocking it might come from hard grease.
Regards PitinWHV.

Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 15:26
Cheers Pitinwhy!

which model of Harting do you owned? seems to be a bit different.

Mine has two rods with joints.

I have attached a drawing.


Both seems to run on the curve wheel as you explained on your post. but in the top not in the bottom.

joint 2 seems to need to run between two rails at the end of cycle ( drawing), but just because is loosened, nothing happen...when i rut into it.

This suppose to change side of the records...

Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 16:37
Hello C,
I have a Bergmann S100 Jukebox, from stoneage on experts say mechanics of Harting and Bergmann are identical, I believe that.
One of your earlier pics show that the joint 2 is miles away from its runway, so it is useless. The thick bolt opposite to joint 2 must be fixed to the frame, seems it is broken loose.
This is also shown on spare parts drawing.
Regards PitinWHV.

4 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 22.01.22 17:07.
Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 17:20
ok, I know what you mean pitinwhv, i do not have too many idea about that...

I knew joint 2 were not in the right position... now i see the bad adjustment can damage so much...

The rod is even bended, pieces are very precision and have to avoid more damage..
Re: harting m100k
21.01.22 17:45
Thank you for you help pitinwhv, I really appreciate it...

At this moment the "picking up system" is correctly adjusted and work properly excepting the change sides system due to this damage

I,m going to try to fix this part of the jukebox, but I,m scared this happend again due never worked properly this system when the machine came...
Re: harting m100k
23.01.22 16:08
Hello C,
when working at the Harting you should remember this,
Regards PitinWHV.

Re: harting m100k
23.01.22 22:27
Thank you pitinwhv for your help, cheers!!!

Thats a good information, now I,m rebuilding this damage part by now.
I thing the fault was in the " pick up main rod" adjusting... , and coud beat the joint causing this mess... terrible.

All the mechanical parts are very close each other, and just a small adjusting may cause a control mess...

but I repeat... when the machine came, "the changing sides system"never worked properly, even you change the side, the jukebox makes strong noises and always used to keep the same side of the record... so im a bit worry this happen again...

hope to fix succesfully... i,m in that the way...

For that reason i kindly ask you if is posible for you
I if you are so kind to send a couple of pictures OF THE TOP OF THE CHANGING RECORDS SYSTEM PLEASE?

One ------- Resting position...

Two-------- "Side one playing position or side two" ( anyone) and inform...

In that way I can fix the rod right position selecting" .. check the right axis...etc... this could help this mess wont happen again...

I have a manual, but its very short of information.
Re: harting m100k
24.01.22 15:35
Now this part is fixed again.

---this is "SIDE ONE PLAYING RECORD POSITION" (pic attached)

Pitinwhv, could you check and compare on your machine please if you have the same position?

Even the main rod is align looks like a bit bend at end i dont know if is the bouncy force on joint...

I.m bit worry this mess happen again due never worked properly...


Re: harting m100k
24.01.22 17:19
Hello C,
looks good.
Attached 3 pics,
pic one and two = mech in standby,
pic three = rec selected, number odd or even.
Regards PitinWHV.

1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 24.01.22 17:25.

Re: harting m100k
24.01.22 18:05
thank you pitinwhv... yes...t looks like good but have to check how it works :)

According to your pics it seems to be right the position :)

But i,m a bit worry with Main rod... seems to be a little bit bend... pics with arrow""""

Re: harting m100k
24.01.22 18:53
Hello C,
I dont think the thing is bended but misaligned, joint not on/in runway? Missing a screw?
The front end is the toothed segment that selects the record side.
Regards PitinWHV.

1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 24.01.22 20:57.
Re: harting m100k
24.01.22 21:58
Joint is at its right position now I guess... Maybe is the black piece of gum or bouncy tense force... lets check and I will inform...
Re: harting m100k
26.01.22 11:15
Hello C,
Latest news, i digged my little old action camera out of my basement room and took a short video of the harting mech in action.
The video is to big to load it up here, so if you want to see it i need your email address. I watched it with VLC Media player.
Regards PitinWHV.
Re: harting m100k
27.01.22 03:34
oh thats sounds great... you are lucky your harting works je je je... keep it right!!!!!...

I havent come back yet to forum, because have same trouble with same device...

At the moment, all the mechanical adjusting parts looks correct...

"selecting records, pick up records, and place in to turntable system. motor records.... Everyting is correct,

Excepting "the changing records side" Once again, when I change odds numbers the system start to spin , but inmediately sounded a strong noise, (I think cames from that metal part),l and had quickly to switch off the machine to avoid damage... start to stuck this part of machine again..

Video specially from this part would be fantastic, mainly the main rod... which have two screws to allow to slide this part along itself.... I think the fault cames from this part.

See pic attached...

Send you my email address in a private message... looking foward to see that video....

Thanks again pitinwhv


2 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 27.01.22 03:42.
Re: harting m100k
27.01.22 11:42
Hello C,
the mech alignment is NOT ok., the part with green arrows on must be parallel to the part below. Seems to be not fixed as I wrote earlier.
That part is, when proper aligned, responsible for record side selection, watch video.
Regards PitinWHV.

1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 27.01.22 20:24.
Re: harting m100k
27.01.22 17:51
OMG... Thats a great video... Cheers!!!! works perfectly...

That made me clear my mind !!!! I guess I have chosen a high difficulty jukebox for restoring je je je

Exactly, the rod is not align and a bit bended... this is going to take me a few days of restoring... I,ll came back in a few days...
Re: harting m100k
31.01.22 23:07
Hello everyone, hello pitinwhv, I,m still working on it.

But things going much better.

I Had to place a washer on the axis of rubber piece, just to align and correct the axis...

This is due the black rubber piece is weared on its axis and make the rod bend itself.

After that, checked the "side change system" and did it properly, but not as soft as I wish, so thats mean I have to get better this improvement by lime the rubber axis a bit...

Will inform...

Re: harting m100k
01.02.22 12:43
Hello C,
1st, there is no black rubber part at my mech, at my mech it is made of black steel.
2nd, in my opinion MOST important, as shown on spare parts drawing, the part no.13/204 with no.13/215 MUST be proper fixed at part no.13/02, see spare parts pic green arrow. Check that out, if no.13/204 is not fixed, the mech will not run softly.
3rd. as seen on your last pic the side selecting lever is still misaligned, must be parallel to the other lever.
In general, dont give up, regards

1 mal bearbeitet. Zuletzt am 01.02.22 12:46.

Re: harting m100k
05.02.22 18:44
Hello Pitinwhv and everyone!!!

EUREKA!!! it finally works this part
Thank you pitinwhv for you help and downloads, you owned a great manual parts.

Now the "changing sides system works" after a hard job.

I Had to disarm nearly the whole part and align rod, axis, gearwheel, grease parts... etc

I Had to streng the axis with special metal glue due this mess caused a big damage.

Eventhoug I,m still thinking I have chosen a difficult project for my level, I had to arrange lot of problems with jukebox... and

find everything delicate specially be careful with screws because they are very floppy and need to be fixed with a special glue to avoid big faults

Have to quit the tonearm and check the amplifier... See pic how tonearm came...

I appreciate this forum help and hope to come back soon with news

Re: harting m100k
06.02.22 10:57
Hello C,
Congratulations, good Job.
Regards PitinWHV.
Re: harting m100k
16.02.22 05:05
Hello Pitinwhv and everyone!!!

Hard but greatful job...

work in progress...


Re: harting m100k
14.07.22 23:28

Thanks to everyone for helping me to finished of restoring my jukebox. After a hard job I attached a pic for seeing in the last procceess.

I have one more question for those who owned a harting or bergman jukebox. 100

The sound of this machine is powerful and great, but I have noticed that the top speaker for high frecuencies is very low. you have to get closer your ears to notice a clear sound, eventhouh the two speakers below, the low frecuencies are very powerful

According to manufactures specs the below ones are 10W and top oneS 2W... maybe its a big diferente of power measure.

What about yours? do you hear a balance sound between the low and high frecuencies?

Or do you suggest to changes capacitor filters for high frecuencies?
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