Wurlitzer Centennial

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Wurlitzer Centennial
06.06.19 15:30
I wonder if you can help me with a Volume Problem I am having with my Jukebox ( Wurlitzer Centennial )

After a few plays, the Volume on the machine increases for no apparent reason.

It starts off fine at the correct volume then after about 8 or 9 plays just get louder !!!!

I would be pleased if anyone can help me.

Regards Graham Evans
Re: Wurlitzer Centennial
11.06.19 14:04
Hello Graham,

start with checking the tubes that make the AVC circuit. (12AX7 and 12AU7) Move the tubes in the socket or pull them a few times to elimate potential contact problems.
It may be also a good idea to do the same thing with the muting plug and any plugs to external volume controls.

You can also try to remove the 12AX7, the amp should work at constant gain without AVC function. If the volume ramains constant, your problem is within the AVC circuit.

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