Ami k

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Ami k
15.05.18 19:28
There was a topic wile ago in this great forum telling how to reset rigth selections on Conti . I cant find it.
Grettings from Norwegen Geir
Re: Ami k
19.05.18 17:24
Hello Geir,

can't you just push back the selected selection pins by hand?

Hildegard Stamann
Re: Ami k
08.07.18 16:00
Hi Hildegard. im not shure what you mean. I play A-1 and it selects another record. I remeber there was a prossedure on getting all back togetherto take rigth selection. i did that on my conti 2 long time ago.. but i forgot how to do it. Maybee its different on this ami k manual selections.
Re: Ami k
08.07.18 16:11

Perhaps this helps


Insam Eric
Re: Ami k
08.07.18 18:11
Re: Ami k
10.07.18 08:34
Hello Geir, hello folks,
what your selection on your K:
-electrical with stepper in
Best regards
Re: Ami k
16.07.18 09:54
Hi Frank . Ami K manual. problem is now solved. Thanks!!
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