Bergmann s100

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Bergmann s100
12.05.17 04:53

I'm working on a Bermann 100s luxus
The jukebox is working fine but there is one problem
The preassure of the cartride is way to low
The tonearm swings back at the end of the record and the record keeps playing
Is this a problem with the switch or the preassure of the tonearm
How can i change this?
Re: Bergmann s100
11.06.17 03:42
Re: Bergmann s100
13.06.17 22:02
Hello Timroy,

Unfortunately there seems to be no adjustment for the tracking force in this mechanism.
Have you actually measured the force, or are you concluding that this must be the reason for the behaviour you are seeing?
Can you explain a bit more in detail what your problem is? From what I understand, tracking is so poor that you never get to the end of the record. Is that correct?
Does the mechanism cancel when you manually move the tonearm to the end of the record?

I have a Harting Wall Mount Jukebox, which should be pretty similar to the Bergmann s100, and on some (not all) records I have a Problem that sounds somewhat similar. At least the needle jumps a lot.

My observation was that the needle seems to be far from perpendicular to the record, so I speculated that this might be the root cause for the poor tracking.

I fear that this does not help you much, but at least it is a first Feedback...

Re: Bergmann s100
14.06.17 09:22
Hello Timroy,
the Bergmann and Harting 100 models are not very polular and we don't know many people who work on them.
Clemens is one who works on these models - so you are lucky that he replied.
All others who don't know these models would need to see good and detailed photos to give suggestions about the tracking issue.
Maybe you can take some good photos and show them here.
If you can't downsize the photos to the right size you can send them to us and we will adjust and post them.
Kind regards - Oliver Stamann

P.S.: The Service Manual only gives adjustments to adjust the needle landing and cut off point.
Re: Bergmann s100
14.06.17 17:33
Hello Timroy,

did you try rotating the excentrically mounted counter weight of the tonearm?
In my opinion it is impossible to simultaneously compensate for tonearm weight/needle pressure and tracking force, but it is worth playing with it.

Kind regards

Re: Bergmann s100
16.06.17 06:00
Hi Jens

I have a question about your picture
Is there a spring connected to this arm?
(see Arrow in your picture)
In my jukebox this arm is connected to nothing
Does some body has a good picture of this part of the mechanism?

Thank you


Re: Bergmann s100
19.06.17 18:17
Hi Tim,

yes, there is a spring, but I don't know where it ends.
Since the box was sold and shipped to eastern Austria, I am not able to take new and detailed pictures.
There should be a drawing in the parts list or service manual (Harting M100), which I also don't own.


Re: Bergmann s100
20.06.17 04:07
Hi Jens

Thanks for the info
The jukebox is working fine again
Re: Bergmann s100
22.06.17 06:29
Hello Timroy,
good that you could fix the problem.
What did you do?
Did you find out if and how the tonearm presure on these models can be adjusted?
Can you show us photos?
Kind regards - Oliver Stamann
Re: Bergmann s100
23.06.17 04:51
Hell Oliver

The jukebox was missing a spring on the tone arm
I've mounted a little and week spring(see picture)
The Original Tracking force range must be 5 to 7 gr on the elac kst 103
I have 6,2 gr Tracking force now

Kind regards

Tim Peters

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