50M amplifier

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50M amplifier
25.11.22 23:42
Hello to all .

I am working on a 50M amplifier and the mpf970 is defective.

Now I have found and ordered a replacement j-fet J174.
meanwhile it arrived.

Now I can find the pinout of the j174, but not of the mpf970.
Can the j174 be replaced directly 1 on 1? .

If I saw correctly, the source drain and gate is different, namely j174 pin 1 = drain pin 2 = gate and pin3 is source .

The source and gate of the mpf970 are reversed, is this correct?

I doubt because I don't want to make a mistake since they are not easy to get.

Anyone have experience with the 50m amp?? please let me know .

regards nik
Re: 50M amplifier
26.11.22 09:18
Frga sonst mal bei Strixner und Holzinger ob die noch nen Originalen MPF970 auftreiben können .
Re: 50M amplifier
26.11.22 16:55
Hello Nik,

Source and Gate are swapped, that's correct! A datasheet can be found here: [www.google.com]

Re: 50M amplifier
26.11.22 17:35
thanks sven and jens ,

So now i can move on .

regards nik
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