wq-200 with continental 2

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wq-200 with continental 2
22.11.22 21:02
I have a continental 2, and recently located a Wq-200 to use with it as it has a stepper in it.
The first thing I noticed was that the labels on the wallbox pages looked wrong.

First page A1,B1,C1,D1,E1,F1,G1,H1,J1,K1 second page on the opposite side would be L1,M1,N1,P1,Q1,R1,S1,T1,U1,V1

The stepper is a CCC. After finding and reading few manuals, it seems a CCC stepper was meant to be used with Seeburg wallboxes.

Is it correct that I need a CCA stepper to work with the AMI wallbox and the continental 2
Re: wq-200 with continental 2
23.11.22 15:14
Re: wq-200 with continental 2
23.11.22 15:58
Stepper unit

CCA 200 Selection for AMI wallboxes

CCB 100 Selection (Lyric) for AMI wallboxes

CCC 120/160/200 Selection for other wallboxes (not AMI)

CCD 100 Selection (Lyric) with Seeburg wallboxes

You need the CCA Stepper for your 200 select Conti to work with the WQ200 (good luck by finding one ;-)
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