Wurlitzer Estrella input switches

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Wurlitzer Estrella input switches
10.10.22 20:58
Hi I have a problem with my Wurlitzer Estrella 1983 Jukebox. It has been operating fine for months after I finished restoring it but suddenly it will not register any inputs from the selection buttons. The problem seems to be only associated with the input switches registering with the microcomputer. If I put it in "play simulation" mode it will play the same record every 20 minutes or so. I can also hear the credits being registered if I press the credit switch and the LED's K & Z on the computer are flashing correctly if I move the record basket round. I disconnected the yellow plug from the computer and confirmed that all the input switches were working. I then changed IC8 the PIA chip and that made no difference. When it is switched on the display flashes between displaying 001 and --1. Anyone got any ideas what to look at next.

Re: Wurlitzer Estrella input switches
11.10.22 20:09
Hi Philip!

The problem you are describing can be caused by either a missing/broken ground connection or a shorted RESET-key ("R") on the keyboard...

Let's find out where the problem is located:
- With the jukebox being turned off and the keyboard disconnected, please make a continuity check between pin 1 on the "yellow" connector of the SCC and the mechanism chassis. This is to make sure that pin 1 is properly connected to ground.
- If it is, turn on your Estrella and - when it is ready - take a piece of wire and temporarily bridge pin 1 to some of the others at the "yellow" connector of the SCC. See if the computer reacts by displaying numbers.

No reaction on any input? Then the problem seems to be with the SCC. If it does, we have a problem with the keyboard.

Please try this and report.

Re: Wurlitzer Estrella input switches
14.10.22 20:59
Hi Catboy, sorry it took a while to get this tested I've been travelling with work this week. Excellent advice! I confirmed that Pin 1 was grounded, it was, and then tested the SCC by shorting in "111" and the jukebox played the record, great news. I then tested the switches on the keyboard. they all seemed OK but I gave them all a good clean and then also cleaned the connector pins on the SCC. When i reconnected it it fixed the problem and the Jukebox is working.

Thanks for your help I was really worried it was the SCC, great to get it working again so quickly.

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