harting m100k

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harting m100k
31.03.22 16:12
Hello everyone!!! I,m still having some troubles with harting m100k, need please some germany help because i dont understand a word to translate the manual.

I need to know what SWITCH ACTIVATE THE COIL FOR ODDS SELECTIONS? for make and adjustment

Theres such a small delay on the cycle and thats makes the record hook crash into turntable unit and get block.
Re: harting m100k
02.04.22 18:22
Hello C,
kontakt K4 energises Magnet M2,
regards PitinWHV.
Re: harting m100k
16.04.22 23:17
Thanks very much Pitingwhv for your greatful help, I apreciate once more...I ll inform the improvements...
Re: harting m100k
18.06.22 14:50
I,d like to thanks to everyone who read my post and helped me, especially PITINGWHV for your inconditional help.

After several months of patience and working its hopefully seems the juke works quite properly, lot of adjustements and replacements...

see video attached.


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