Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.

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Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
18.07.20 07:55
Hi. I have a problem with my R.O. 477 Max.
With freeplay ( 99 credits), I can select all 3 digits, the light at -your selection- is present. But the jukebox will not start. After a while, the digits and light disapeer. Then it is not possible to make a new selection, until I reset the credit unit. ( Profit setter.)
The Profit setter and Logic board, units test good according to the manual.
The slide switch at logic board, makes the jukebox play all records, with no problem.
It seems as the signal when all digits are made, get stuck. there are no light at -record playing- .
There ar no digits showing, when I scan the magasin, but the digit controller IC is good.
Any sugestions anyone?

Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
18.07.20 09:54
Die Tests bzw. Test Knöpfe der Boards sagen nicht viel aus , zumindest nicht das alle Bauteile in Ordnung sind . Tausche auf dem Logicboard und dem Profit Setter die IC's 4069 und 4503 . Du brauchst von jedem Typ 2 Stück . Kosten cent Beträge und haben die größe Aussicht auf Erfolg beim Tauschen . Einbaurichtung Beachten ! Fang mit dem Logic Board an .
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
19.07.20 09:06
Thanks. will try your suggestions.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
19.07.20 16:19
Then I have changed the suggested IC s. No changes. No digits in display when playing test records. No reduction in credit when making selections. All 3 digits in display when making selections, but the profit setter get " blackout" after a short while.
And I have to push the red clear button to get the board to accept a new selection.
It all started when the 3rd microswitch past the play position, and got stuck at end, with the power on. Then the circut breaker cut the power, and I had to rewind the motor manually. I changed the powerboard with the two relays, that controll the motors, and it har played correct after. Exept for the manuell start.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
23.07.20 10:38
Wenn du eine Platte auflegen lässt dann Probier sobald die Musik spielt ob der Greifermotor noch unter Spannung steht . Einfach am Ende des Motors an der Achse fühlen ob diese Frei dreht . Du kannst auch am Getriebe Zahnrad prüfen ob da etwas spielt drinn ist . Sitzt das alles Fest dann ist ein Reed Relais defekt .

Das der Profit Setter aussteigt spricht für einen defekt auf dem selbigen . Es könnte zwar auch die Versorgungsspannung sein aber die wirst du ja wahrscheinlich schon mal nachgeprüft haben .

Kommt der Zählimpuls von der Lichtschranke auf dem Logic Board an ? Blinkt die Led links am Korb an der Lichtschranke Identisch mit der auf dem Logic Board ?
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
27.07.20 08:11

Thanks for adwises.

Trying to translite your message. smiling smiley I am from Norway.

Maybee I can get hold of another R.O. 477. Then I can change parts, to find out where the problem is.

Will keep you uppdated.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
27.07.20 09:48
Hello Thor,
have you checked the data lines between the profit setter and the logic board ? Looks like there is no communication between the boards. For example, when you start the logic board testmode, data for "played record" is sent from the logic board to the profit setter, vice versa when you push the 3rd digit, the selection should be sent from the profit setter to the logic board over the same data bus. Since you already changed the tri-state bus driver IC`s (4503) on both boards as Swen suggested, maybe the problem is simply the connector or the wire harness ? Another idea is that a defective module connected to the bus (for example the hit tracker - if you have), may block the datacommunciation, you can try to disconnect it.
Such problems are difficult to debug, swapping modules with a working box sounds like a good strategy.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
02.08.20 12:37
Hi all, and thanks for good adwices.
I got hold of a similar Rock-Ola 477, witch tested good at the selections.
I started with changing the Profit setter. No changes.
I then changed the Logic board, and suddently all worked fine.
So the problem must be at this board.
I have ordered a new IC MM5799NAX/N and hope the problem lays here.
I is a realy expensive part, so Ihope I made the right desission.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
02.08.20 15:53
Hello Thor,
the MM5799 is a Microcontroller with the program memory on chip, you found one programmed for RO477?
If the test program works fine, a lot of functions on the micro work ok, so it may be good. Before changing it, check all solder joints and contacts in case the device is in a socket. If you have a scope, you could check if the Data I/O, Data clock and Data Enable pins are toggling to correct logic levels and if all signals at the bus-driver (IC403) are ok. For exmaple incorrect "power fail" on Pin1 could also prevent data communication.
Best regards
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
03.08.20 08:17
I have ordered the MM5799 from Jukebox Revival. It is marked Rock-Ola IC, so I hope it is programmed right.
I also ordered a Rock-Ola NE556N. I am not sure it it can be changable to IC 402 - 556 Dual Timer?
Anyone who can verify this?
I will start with changing theese.

The board seems clean and good. I have a multimeter, and all connectors has good contact.
So if the changing of IC s make no difference, I only have two more to change. IC 403 and 404.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
03.08.20 08:27
You haven`t changed IC403 yet ? I thought you did. That would be my first suspect on missing communication between the modules. NE556N is the correct part. The N stands for the 18Pin DIP package.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
03.08.20 08:30
Yes, I did change the 403, but it was taken from an used board, so I cant tell if it is good.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
03.08.20 08:59
Have you changed the cap's in the power supply circuit already? Noisy supply of the IC's (here 9V) can cause all kind of strange issues.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
03.08.20 10:04
Regarding your adwise.
I will order the IC 403, so I can be sure it is OK.
Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
04.08.20 11:13

Since I am waiting for the 403 IC, I took the one from the working logic board, an put it in the default one.
And it came to life. ( I must have been max unfortunate since I tested two defect IC. )
So now i know exactly what to do.
I guess I may help someone with the ordered Rock.Ola MM5799NAX/N, since I dont need it.

So when I get the ordered IC 403, I have 2 X Rock-Ola 477 Max, in good working condition.

I want to thank everyone who has given me useful adwices.

Re: Help Rock-Ola 477 Max.
30.12.20 11:38
Hello Thor,

I'm looking for this microcontroller MM5799NAX/N for my 477 for quite a while. In case you've still got it, would you be prepared to sell it to me?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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