NSM ES technology

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NSM ES technology
14.02.20 13:54
My machines mute relay does not work correctly. The signal to the speakers is still open at standby. The mute relay contacts close and open like they should when a record is played. Even at standby if I manually operate the B.S. Microsoft the mute relay contacts operate.
The only clue I have is that the sound cuts off for about a second or two at the end of the record presumably when reed switch operates. Mute relay operates but signal from amp still returns. This is also the case when the machine is on standby if i move the tone arm to the end of the turntable the noise cuts out for about a second and returns.
Any help appreciated

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Re: NSM ES technology
16.02.20 12:07
Hi, seancalla, at first, would you please tell us what Jukebox ES you exactly own. You are shure it is ES technologie?
And: You discribe: "Even at standby if I manually operate the B.S. Microsoft the mute relay contacts operate". Whats Microsoft got to do with it? Translation problem?
Re: NSM ES technology
17.02.20 16:57
It's es1 technology. The word in German is Mikroschalter.
I have solved the problem anyway it was a faulty Mikroschalter on the carriage which is lined to reed switch and mute relay
Re: NSM ES technology
18.02.20 16:29
OK, thank you for telling us how you solved the problem. Thats interesting for most of us.
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