selector problem
11.02.20 11:06
any help please, rockola 430, i am having problems with selection,when making a selection the write-in wiper revoles but does not make the selection just keeps revolving. i have cleaned the selection plate also checked both write-in solenoids(ok) checked the solenoids from the pins on the jones plug (ok) the problem must be (i think) with the button assembly but i have not much idea about the unit,thats where you experts can possibly help, i hope


jede hilfe bitte, rockola 430, ich habe probleme mit der auswahl, wenn eine auswahl getroffen wird, dreht sich der einschreibbare wischer, aber die auswahl dreht sich nicht einfach weiter. Ich habe das Auswahlschild gereinigt und beide Einschreibemagnete überprüft (ok) Die Magnete von den Stiften am Jones-Stecker überprüft (ok) Das Problem muss (glaube ich) mit der Tastenbaugruppe sein, aber ich habe keine Ahnung über das Gerät Ich hoffe, hier können Ihnen Experten helfen


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Re: selector problem
13.02.20 10:26
Hello mick

In the archive you will find a description of the write-in process ( [] - second chapter).

You write that you have cleaned the "selection plate". I hope you mean the printed circuit board on which the wipers run. I also hope that you have cleaned the contact rivets on the wipers.

If so, the problem is most likely in the keyboard. There is a chapter "Sequence Diagrams" in the service manual. The whole process is described there in great detail. There are also detailed circuit diagrams for each process step. If you don't have a manual, I would recommend buying one, it is available here in the shop ( [] ).

Best regards - chraly49
Re: selector problem
13.02.20 15:45
Hi Charly49
thanks for reply, yes i did mean the circit board and rivets, i have the maual so i will study thae chapter and hopefully sort the problem,thanks for advice

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