AMI F40 missing parts

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AMI F40 missing parts
01.02.20 14:39
Hello everyone, I am new here. I am from the United states and am hoping to get some help from the experts. I love to work on pinball, arcade and slot machines. I am wanting to start working on some jukeboxs. I have read there is a lot of experts on this forum. I have a 1954 AMI F40 Jukebox that I am trying to bring back to life. When I got the Jukebox and started looking it over I noticed there was some parts missing on the record carrier. It is what would connect the pin on the chain to the record carrier itself. I guess it's called the record carrier. I have looked and looked and can not find a picture that shows what I am missing. I do have a manual on order and hope to get it in a few days. Hopefully it will actually show a diagram that has the parts i am missing. The thing is though pictures of the parts i am missing would be so much better and easier to know exactly what I am looking for. Hopefully I can find the parts. If not actual pictures would make it easier to possibly make something that will work if need be. I will put up a few pics to show what I am talking about. Hopefully someone will have a AMI F40 that has some pics or can take a few or knows what parts I am missing. If you need anymore info please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Re: AMI F40 missing parts
01.02.20 16:30
From what I have been able to find so far it looks like on the F40 the record carrier is what moves and on the rest of the F series the turntable unit is what moves. Is this correct? I just need to figure out how the chain hooks to the record carrier on my F40. Thanks
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
01.02.20 18:48
This is correct , the link your missing goes from the chain to the back of the record rack, I'm working on a C for this moment and will try to upload a picture.
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
01.02.20 19:10
here's the pic ,when i disassemble it this week i will send a pic of the linkage , you can mail Bill Butterfield in the US , he has parts for 78rpm jukes

Re: AMI F40 missing parts
01.02.20 22:39
valiant, Thank you. Yes a pic of the linkage after you get it apart would be great. I cant tell if the pin coming off of the chain just goes thru that linkage then into the hole of the record carrier. So the pic of the linkage would be great. Is the pic you posted of a AMI C model? Would it be the exact same linkage on the F40? If so what all units would use the same linkage? Thanks again
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
02.02.20 15:50
When I receive the manual hopefully it will have the part numbers for all of the parts I am missing.
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
03.02.20 08:32
here are pictures of the linkage, I also looked at my Ami A and he has the same linkage, so i thinh all 40 select likages are the same , this is a picture of the Ami c .

Re: AMI F40 missing parts
03.02.20 16:35
here on is one for sale., that"s Bill Butterfield.
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
03.02.20 17:25
Thank you for the help so far. I looked at the Ebay listing. It says A B C D E but not F. So I sent him a message asking him if it is the same and will work just to make sure. I don't know how often he checks his messages so I might call him. I found his site online.
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
03.02.20 17:40
I got back on his site and realized there was no phone number listed. So I sent him an email also.
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
04.02.20 01:02
Bill Butterfield told me the arm is correct for the F40. He had me send him pics of the Jukebox because he knew they made them but has never seen one. I had noticed there is no mention of Model F on his site. The arm has been ordered and hopefully I will receive it in a few days. Then I can start trying to figure some things out when the manual comes in. Thanks for everything valiant.
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
04.02.20 07:18
glad i could help ,
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
05.02.20 20:09
Well I received the AMI model F service manual and it has no information about the F40 at all. It only has information about the F80 and F120. All the information in the whole manual is about the units that have the stationary record holder and the turn table unit moves. On the F40 the turn table unit is stationary and the record holder moves. Was there just not many F40 made so there is no information or manual on them? Would the AMI E40 service manual be what I need to work on this F40 unit? I spent $45 on a manual that will do me no good at all. I might be able to send it back because he said the info on the F40 would be in there. Thanks
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
05.02.20 21:40
Models E40 and F40 use the same mechanism: R-220.
Other units like amp and power supply are different I think so is parts list of cabinet.
So my guess is that you would only need the chapter for mechanism from manual E40. Maybe the seller of the manual can supply only that.

Regards - Hildegard Stamann
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
08.02.20 14:23
Wanted to report back that I received the record carrier arm I was missing from Bill Butterfield and Got it installed and it fit like it should. I have the mechanism working now. I have not fully tested it yet but the records I have selected load correctly and play then return correctly. If I run into more issues i guess i should start a new post about it correct? Thanks for the help
Re: AMI F40 missing parts
18.03.20 14:37
I got this machine pretty much complete. It all works now and sounds good. There is a strap that is suppose to be on the door with a snap connector on it. Does anyone know what this connector is actually called? Where I might find one. I found a guy on the internet that had made some but when I contacted him he said he did not have any made up. Also that it would be awhile before he was able to make anymore. I thought if I could find the snap connector I would try to make the strap myself. I will post a couple of pics of what it looks like. The pics are of both sides of the snap connector or what ever it is called. Thanks

Re: AMI F40 missing parts
19.03.20 18:11
The service manual calls this "Strap Assy" only. It is a safety to hold the door open. On top there should be two pins where the strap can be hooked to.

About the connector I don't know a term. I guess it is a kind of rivet or eyelet. Maybe shops who work with e.g. leather belts can help on this.

Regards - Hildegard
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