Rock Ola 453 selection problem

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Rock Ola 453 selection problem
09.10.19 08:39
Hi , my juke box has been working fine for around 10 yrs . Now on selection of a record, the following had started to happen . On selecting the 3 numbers , the first are fine the third number brings up in red press reset . This does not always clear . Inside the box there is the panel with 2 red push poles ? With a yellow push pole just below . When this is pushed in there is a movement on the selection buttons, like it had just released the button . Somewhere between selecting the 3rd number button it trips out the yellow push pole . Etc
Any advice would be appreciated
Re: Rock Ola 453 selection problem
09.10.19 15:49
Hi , further to my original post today ,please note the following. On the inside of the box is a panel with Circuit Breakers . It has a downward line of 2 red push in poles . Below them is the Yellow push in pole . Under the pole it says 25 Vac Power. This is the one that trips out , on trying to select the number to finish off the selected record . When I push the yellow pole push in there is a movement on the numbers selection as something had released .
This is happening on every attempt to select plays .
Many thanks
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