amp 41710-A

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amp 41710-A
02.10.19 13:15
Hi all
need to pick your brains again,in the rockola 41710-A amp there is a component (cap) across the input socket terminals, there is no value marked on it only these numbers,1346531//35386 ,as one of the leads has broken off i need to replace it ,can anyone tell me what to replace it with, it is not shown on the amp schematic , it has 3 connections the two outer across the input socket (L++R) the middle to chassis
any help please

Re: amp 41710-A
02.10.19 14:13
Hi Mick

Per channel is a 220 k resistor with a .001 MFD capacitor in series with a 1 M resistor parallel.


Re: amp 41710-A
02.10.19 16:10
Hi Erwin

thanks, does this mean all the 3 components you mention are coimbined in the one unit as there is just the one piece in-situ in the amp, which of the connections in your reply is grounded as the one in the amp has a ground, could you make a sketch of the connections please,



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Re: amp 41710-A
02.10.19 18:53
Hi Bopper,

there are six parts combined in one module. In my schematic the P.E.C. 35386 is shown with 680k instead of 1M.


Re: amp 41710-A
02.10.19 21:32
Hi Jens
thanks for that info and drawing i now understand and can now see it in my schematic, how do they incorporate 6 parts in a small module ? , again a big thanks for sorting out my problem, one thing do you know what is the wattage of resistors is a 1/4 watt ok so i can order the bits



mick (bopper)
Re: amp 41710-A
03.10.19 21:03
Hello Mick,
there is almost no power dissipated in those resistors, so 1/4W types are ok.
You can try to fix the PEC by grinding off the ceramic around the broken pin and solder a new wire to it.
Rgds Jürgen
Re: amp 41710-A
03.10.19 21:26
HI Jurgen
hope your keeping well, i will have a try at your suggestion otherwise i will install one using the drawing and components,thanks for the help, just remembered, my last posting which you helped me with about my other amp ,i had a guy go over it and he just replaced the rectifier and now it's fine so thanks again


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