Rockola 1493 Princess missing G5 selection

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Rockola 1493 Princess missing G5 selection
11.08.19 18:36
I have a Rockola 1493 which has been perfect the last few years. However today it just would not select G5 (an A side record). Popped the coin in, selected G5 and the magazine rotates and the platter rotates but does so constantly and won't select the record. Seems only to appear with this one. Looking on the drum I can see the little pin has been selected but the juke just passes over it.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Re: Rockola 1493 Princess missing G5 selection
12.08.19 06:45
Hello mycjets,

check if the movement of the G5 pin is blocked by dirt in it’s slot and clean the pins surface.
If this does not fix your problem, the energy to trigger the interlock trip coil maybe marginal with position G5 being the "weakest" connection. Other selections may soon show the same problem. For maintenance, it would not hurt to clean the indexing contacts, the contact disc and wiper contacts on the right side of the selector, the contacts of the A/B snap switch, the contacts of the mechanism service switch, the connectors into the control box and the interlock relay contacts inside the control box. Any voltage drop along this path can cause this common problem.

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