ami jci 100 hum

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ami jci 100 hum
08.06.19 10:17
Hello .
My jukebox is playing fine but just recently I have heard a slight hum noise when the record is playing. ( more I know of it the more I seem to hear )
When the stylus is off the record its quiet but once it touches the record it starts to have the hum noise . I have tried several usual problems-.

Eg: wires insecure , stylus seems ok , new rubbers on turntable motor mounting and setting hum on amp. . I am awaiting a new idler wheel . the one has been on since I have had the jukebox. approx 40/45 years .

But still do not suspect that because if I hold the record in my hand and place the stylus on it, its still hums . The amp was rebuilt approx 18 months ago .
The cartridge is an old Shure m3d with stylus (not original shure) fitted same time as amp rebuild . I am waiting for another stylus to see if that will cure it.
Appreciate any other users advice who have had similar problems .
Regards Bill
Re: ami jci 100 hum
10.06.19 14:40
Hello Bill,

Have you checked the turntable motor for worn bearings? Tone arm to make sure that it is free moving, my guess that there is too much weight on the tone arm or that you are picking up some transmission from the motor. Regards Alan Hood ami-man UK
Re: ami jci 100 hum
10.06.19 18:48
Hello Alan
Thanks for your message .
The jukebox had been quiet , but started to hear the humming noise when further away from it . A few weeks ago it was playing and suddenly the speed slowed down for a few seconds and then picked back up and not done it since .

Probably from this happening the noise may have begun . Like you say bearing/s .The old motor spindle seem to turn smooth but from experience can' t always tell if its good or not
. I decided to try and get a motor and managed to get one just in case the old one packed up and knowing they are scarce . ( not sure if can get motor reconditioned . )

Anyway had alook over weekend and changed the motor and now its a lot quieter .

Thanks for getting back Alan , help appeciated . I think I emailed you earlier this year regarding the sprag wheel coupling where the gears had worn . I managed to sort that out by moving the gear on the shaft slightly so both gear teeth were good .

I am now retired but have been in the motor trade and luckily used to similar issues on vehicles .
Do you have a website ?

Regards Bill
Re: ami jci 100 hum
10.06.19 19:13
Hello Bill

I am afraid that the M3d is not suitable for your AMI I. It is built for a tracking force of 2 grams. The AMI tonearm is way too heavy for that. Original a GE VRII is used, which can easily handle 8 - 10 grams. If you want to use a more modern pickup, I would recommend the Shure M44 - C, which also works fine in some AMI with this heavy tonearm. It is important that a N44-C (light blue color) stylus is used. See also [] M44

Best regards - charly49
Re: ami jci 100 hum
10.06.19 20:07
Hello Charly 49

Thanks for your message . The m3d was in the jukebox when I got it years ago .approx 40/45 years ago . I have also had a shure m55 in for years . However when I had the amp done I put the m3d back in with a new stylus and it sounded great .
My last message mentioned the motor that I have now changed over the weekend and now seems quiet .
Thanks for your help once again .
Regards Bill
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