NSM prestige 120b carriage start and stop point

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NSM prestige 120b carriage start and stop point
17.06.18 21:05
hi to all i am niko ,

I am new here and i have been reading a lot on this forum for some time until now .

I think there is a problem with my juke so here it is ;

My NSM prestige 120b just works and plays all the selections you press.

Now I suddenly noticed that the trolley does not stop on the right side of the record holder , but on the left side?

When turning on the juke, you select 1 or more records and it will play them without problems again and again at any time, only now it starts on the left side and after playing all selections also stops on the left side? .

I also can not find anything about this weird phenomenon on the forum.

I can do 2 things, just do not do anything at all and let it be ... it plays well anyway: lol:, 2nd someone an idea what going on ?

greetings niko
Re: NSM prestige 120b carriage start and stop point
18.06.18 18:42
I have the solution , its adjusting the upper contact in the left box where the record counter is mounted .

So thanks for reading and maybe someone else can use this information when they have a problem like mine .

Have a good one see ya !!
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