Wurlitzer 2000 Stepper and electrical failure issues

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Wurlitzer 2000 Stepper and electrical failure issues
07.06.18 10:42
Hi. Getting in touch because of a new problem and a recurring old one.

Firstly, the new issue. We bought a Wallbox 5210 for our wurlitzer 2000. Connected all the wires correctly, and hoorah, the lights go on in the wallbox and the signal comes through. However, the morse code it sends, doesn't get the breakers in the stepper flippering. After giving a gentle push on the breakers (making them make contact by hand very gently and for a short time), and selecting the songs on the wallbox a few times it occurred to me I probably need to take the stepperunit and clean the contacts, when suddenly it came to life.

However, only 2 or 3 combinations (lucky shots) get through, and even those are the wrong songs that end up getting played.

Most likely I need to clean the contacts but how do I get this thing out, does the whole junction box need to come out or just the stepper part ? which cable should I unplug etc. I'm not too fond of having to pull out the entire electrical unit and end up with a jukebox that's not working...

This wallbox thing, however, brought back to life an old issue that we've had sporadically from the beginning we bought our jukebox. Sometimes, mostly during the loading/unloading of the records and/or the turning of the hands on the carrousel on the back, it starts making krrrrk krrrk sounds, with the light going on/off and everything falling to slow mo.
After this I disconnected the wallbox and the problem came back a number of times, however after letting it rest for some time it's again gone.

In the meantime I have disconnected all cables and took out the junction box.
I have been advised on another forum to replace the capacitors, however I can't figure out which ones I would have to order from the site so if somebody can help me I'd be very thankful.

There is at least one part that doesn't look right to me, nr. 65609 412620 appears to be half burnt/glued together.
The manual states it is a transformer 5.5 volt lamp so if somebody could tell me with what I can replace this...

Hopefully you lot can help me with this !

Video of Stepper receiving signals from Wallbox 5210:

Video of electrical failure which happens from time to time:

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