Jupiter 100H

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Jupiter 100H
06.06.18 08:48
Hello everybody

I'm working on a Jupiter 100H
The grippermotor does not stop
It takes a record and returns it without playing

Cancel-switch is working
Safety switch is working
Microswitch is working (tonearm)
Play-relay is working
Mute relay is working

Who can help me with this?
Re: Jupiter 100H
10.06.18 18:38
Hello Timroy,

Did you check these troubleshootings?

Viele Grüße - Hildegard Stamann
Re: Jupiter 100H
11.06.18 03:15

Ik did but the gripper-motore does not stop
Re: Jupiter 100H
12.06.18 14:37
From your description and answers it's difficult (for me) to understand what steps in detail you did already.
Maybe you can describe a little bit more. I understand:
- All switches and relays were measured for being ok.
- All contacts and mechanical parts were cleaned, e.g. the cams can move freely and as far as they have to.
- All mechanical adjustments were checked.
- The circuits were followed, compared with schematics and checked.

I checked in a later manual. It gives these hints as well:
Cam switch C4 not closing.
Amplifier relay not operating.
Amplifier plug loose in power supply.

If still no success, in that case I hope another user can help better - and/or you follow again all circuits and adjustments given in a service manual.

Kind regards - Hildegard Stamann
Re: Jupiter 100H
13.06.18 03:17
Cam switch C4 is closing.
Amplifier relay is operating.
Amplifier plug not loose in power supply
All mechanical adjustments were checked
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