1972 Wurlitzer -110 cassette jukebox questions

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1972 Wurlitzer -110 cassette jukebox questions
25.04.17 09:49
Hi all,
Rick here from Ontario, Calif., USA (about 60 miles east of Los Angeles). I send greetings to Germany :)
I have been in discussion with Hildegard about my C-110. This is the American import from Germany version (has the "Console" script on the lower right side of the grille). Mine has a stereo amp with stereo/mono switch on the pre-amp and a 3 position (mono, none, and 2 channel) switch on the power amp with connections for L/R external speakers and extra inputs inside the door and an extra din connector (next to the remote vol. din, have no idea what that's for). Yet, while servicing the 2 tape players (new belts), I see they have mono heads, why? Seems strange that Wurlitzer would make a stereo juke with mono players. Now I can see that the jukes internal speaker system would be 1 ch (only a woofer and tweeter inside the cabinet) and would need an external spkr. set for the other ch. (like some of the early American stereo jukes did), so you would need the stereo/mono switch in that case. So can anyone in this forum shed some light on this? Thank you, Rick.
PS. my C-110 serial number is already in the database if that helps. Does anyone here know how many of these were confirmed made, especially the American "Console" versions? Most pics on the net do not show the "Console" ones.
Re: 1972 Wurlitzer -110 cassette jukebox questions
25.04.17 10:31
I forgot to mention this C-110 came with a 2 channel wired remote (has 2 knobs, a slide switch to select either ch. or both, and cancel button), but the ch. 2 sw. is glued so not to turn (I can turn it with difficulty, must have lock tight or something like that on it). Rick.
Re: 1972 Wurlitzer -110 cassette jukebox questions
25.04.17 16:16
Correction on the remote control slide sw. The up position is stereo volume controlled by the ch 1 knob only, the down position is ch 1 and ch 2 independent volume controls. Not sure why you would need that unless they are feeding 2 mono signals to 2 different locations (rooms). Rick.
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