AMi Wallbox hookup

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AMi Wallbox hookup
06.04.17 21:07

I recently purchased a 120 select (W-120) AMi wallbox. I am looking to hook it up to my JBK-120 AMi jukebox. The person I purchased it from told me it is working. I am not sure how to hook it up, and I am worried about damaging the jukebox. I assume that I run wires from the amp terminals? There are pictures included in this message of the hookups. Also what type of wire should I use, and where can I acquire it? Any help would be greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


Re: AMi Wallbox hookup
07.04.17 09:06
Hello Paul,

Forget the wallbox speakers assuming it still has any (many wallboxes had there speakers removed to make way for coin meters when in operation).

You will need to find where the connections are on the jukebox to connect the 30 volts AC, Ground, Signal and AC Control from the wallbox.


Alan Hood
Re: AMi Wallbox hookup
08.04.17 09:56
Hello Paul

The W120 Wallbox should work easily with the JBK120. However, there is a small limitation. The JBK120 has 4 connection terminals for the wall box, the wall box has only 3 terminals. The fourth terminal (AC CONTROL) is for a circuit that prevents the keyboard and the wallbox from being operated at the same time. The W120 wallbox does not support this function and therefore the terminal remains free.

The connection terminals for the wall box (4 screw terminals, marked with AC - SIGNAL - GROUND - AC CONTROL) should be located on the left housing wall (seen from behind) below the junction box.

The W120 Wallbox has no speakers installed. Of course you can connect external speakers. The JBK120 is originally equipped with an R-2017 basic amplifier with L-2156 preamplifier (see [] ). On your picture is an R-145 amplifier from the earlier models. To this, you can connect external speakers to terminals 5 to 9. Which of the terminals you use depends on what volume the external speaker should play. A table should be attached to the amplifier.

Best regards - charly49
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