Seeburg wallbox and connection to nsm esII

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Seeburg wallbox and connection to nsm esII
16.03.17 10:23
Just wondering if its possible to connect a seeburg wallbox possibly a 3W1 or a SC1 consolette up to a nsm jukebox(ESII)
Re: Seeburg wallbox and connection to nsm esII
16.03.17 18:29
Hi Seancalla,

NSM ESII models have an electronic credit and selection system. They select with three digits.
3W1 is from the 1950s and selects with letter and number. It is a mechanically working wallbox
SC1 is also not an electronic wallbox too - for models up to 1968.
Seeburg required for their electronic jukeboxes (1969 and up) DEC wallboxes = Digital Electronic Consolettes.

So I wonder how a (quite) mechanical wallbox could be hooked up to a electronic version jukebox.

Kind regards - Hildegard
Re: Seeburg wallbox and connection to nsm esII
17.03.17 10:47
Hi Sean,

Rowe Ami provided various interfaces to go to earlier wallboxes including other manufactures.
I am not aware that this is an option with NSM.
If you want a wallbox to go with various jukeboxes, Rowe Ami, Seeburg, Rock Ola & NSM then your best option is to use an Hazel Grove Playmate, if you do not want a full view wallbox then mount the boards into an alternative cabinet.


Alan Hood
Re: Seeburg wallbox and connection to nsm esII
20.03.17 12:25
Thanks Hildegard, Thanks Alan
I kind of thought as much, the playmates are a bit big, i just thought there may be an interface in existence for the nsm''s and the older mechanical wallboxes. I know there is an interface for the nsm cd jukeboxes in the USA
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