Eltec f60

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Eltec f60
14.03.17 19:30
Bought last summer an Eltec F60 ( took me years to find one )
Bought a month ago another one ( what are the odds ? )

Fabrik nr first one 1932 , Fabrik nr. second one 1581.

Altough a hundreds apart there is quite some difference.
The earlier nr. has a different interiour decoration , different title boards and holder , has no Eltec F60 emblem , the glass can only be removed from the inside , different coin registration mechanism and most importantly : has a different record drive system.

The record drive mechanism uses a drive belt and is constructed in different way : see pictures
One drive belt is missing , dimensions :
Length : 185 mm
thickness : 1mm
width : 5mm
diameter : 60 mm

question : is something like this available ? , and if not : solutions ?
is there an rubber ( inner tyre ) tube with a diameter of 60 mm which I can cut in 5mm ?

For the first Eltec I still need a picture of the F60 emblem part , anyone ?

Aaldert Bruinenberg


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Re: Eltec f60
15.03.17 08:38
Hello Mr. Bruinenberg,

Interesting to see that Eltec used two different drive systems. If you like you're welcome to send some photos showing the differences, so we can add to the archive.

About the belt: If the length is 185 mm, the diameter should be slightly less than 60 mm - 58.8 mm.
The NSM drive belt comes very close - 57 mm in diameter.

Kind regards - Hildegard Stamann

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Re: Eltec f60
16.03.17 16:01
Thx for the info , the NSM drive will surely do ( have about 3mm motor adjusting space )
But what about the width ? 5mm ?

Will make a few high resolution pictures of the 2 drive systems

included picture shows the different interiour decoration

edit : made an A3 scan so I reproduce it

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Re: Eltec f60
16.03.17 16:02
Different coin / slug

Re: Eltec f60
16.03.17 16:05
Restored amp and Isophon FW32 speaker

Re: Eltec f60
16.03.17 16:09
Different titleboards and holders
the 1932 misses all 3
the 1581 misses 1
not interchangeable but atleast it give me an idea how to make them

Re: Eltec f60
16.03.17 18:12
Hello Mr. Bruinenberg,

the NSM drive belt has a width of little less than 6 mm. Thickness is about 1.1 mm.

Very interesting to see differences in those two models. They are big enough for the archive - scroll down here:

Hildegard Stamann
Re: Eltec f60
19.03.17 13:46
Pictures of the 2 different systems.
Picture of both mechanisms : only difference is de form of the pins
( the earlier one also doesnt have a capacitor in the DC line )

Re: Eltec f60
19.03.17 21:43
Actuators is a better word ( instead of pins )
Improved picture .

Re: Eltec f60
19.03.17 21:50
Thank you.

I added those photos too.

Kind regards - Hildegard Stamann
Re: Eltec f60
11.04.17 10:32
First picture : one of the NSM belts is placed inside the original belt .
Second picture : belts placed , moved the position of the motor as close as possible towards the pulley.
The "olive" shape part on the shaft of the motor should keep the belt in place , which actually works .

Re: Eltec f60
14.04.17 14:55
Hello 24AB2,

Thank you for the feedback and the photos.
I am glad the NSM belts work well.

Enjoy the F60 - a not often seen model!

Kind regards - Hildegard Stamann
Re: Eltec f60
21.05.17 10:31
New brass Eltec F60 emblems
The red one has also a new instruction plate and ID tag

Re: Eltec f60
25.06.17 11:44
Titleboard parts cut out of 3mm perspex sheets.
Enough to create 7 titleboards.
Also 3 new red pointers/dials

Re: Eltec f60
25.06.17 11:55
One Eltec is missing the Amp .
Bought a small amp for €50 based on a AZ41 , 2x EL41 , ECC 82 and ECC83 configuration

Re: Eltec f60
02.07.17 19:14
New titleboards .
Little difference between the earlier and later type .
With the earlier one the complete titleboard goes behind the vertical red bars on the titleboard holder.
With the later type only the clear part .

No numbers yet , will use a waterslide decal for all , but as I cant print white the original white on the earlier type will be yellow .
( later type uses black numbers)

Re: Eltec f60
04.07.17 08:32
Hello 24AB2,

This is great that you let us know how the restoration goes on. Thank you.
It is impressive to see that you even made new titleholders, the pointers and the emblems. You must have a good manual skill and equipment to work with different materials. The time you invested will be priceless in the end.

You made two of these models able to survive! And I guess they will get a very special place in your house.

Kind regards - Hildegard Stamann
Re: Eltec f60
04.07.17 11:28
Credit where credit is due.
I didnt make the emblems and the perspex parts.
( wish I had the skills and equipment )
Found someone overhere who still likes to do these things after his retirement.
I made the drawings , send the material and got the parts back as shown in the pictures above.
All I did was cutting the parts in the right measurements and glueing them together.

Costs inluding shipping :
Red and yellow perspex sheets : €10
7 clear sheets 1mm thickness ( only found one overhere who had 1mm ! ) : €27
Cutting the red and yellow parts : €78 ( inluding €14 shipping )
Took him 6 hours to make those parts , could have been easier if I would have been able to find 2mm thick red and yellow sheets.
Makes it €115 for the 6 titleboards and 3 pointers.

The emblems were €65 total
These were done from pictures
( little bit of distortion on the F60 for I couldnt find a full frontal picture but only noticeable for those who know )

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Re: Eltec f60
04.07.17 11:53
Eltec F60 file he created from the drawing I sended so it could be used for cnc cutting purpose.
( original its a PDF file )

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