Ami seletion pins

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Ami seletion pins
14.03.17 06:55
Hi everybody

I've read someting about cleaning selection pins on a1100 mechanism (ami) with methylated spirit or wd40?????
This can't be true because they contain water
What is the best way to do it?
The pins have no rust

Re: Ami seletion pins
14.03.17 10:49
Hello Tim,

In the past I have used Gin when on site doing a repair.

If the pins are stuck in place then you will have to strip the assembly down and degrease all the parts, I normally just use warm soapy water and dry off and reassemble.

WD40 and most lubricant sprays should not be used on a jukebox.


Alan Hood
Re: Ami seletion pins
18.03.17 04:32

I clean it ultrasoon
I thought that was the best way


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