AMi K Pin Pusher Alignment

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AMi K Pin Pusher Alignment
30.09.15 02:46
Hi Karl,

I am finally getting close to having my AMi working 100%. I am having some difficulty with the pin pusher alignment. They are off slightly, and the selections are always off by one.

I have a manual from a Continental 2, but I am having difficulty understanding the manual. I attached a couple photos for you to see. The first photo is where the pin strikes when A1 is selected (notice it is off slightly to the left).

The 2nd picture is of the assembly. Is it an allen key adjustment on #2. I would like to have a better idea before I start adjusting things. Please let me know whenever you get a chance

Thanks again for all your help


Re: AMi K Pin Pusher Alignment
30.09.15 03:23
2nd pic

Re: AMi K Pin Pusher Alignment
30.09.15 19:35
Hello Paul

I am glad that I could help you.

Setting the pin-pusher is not difficult. First you select "A1". Once the selection process is completed, you switch the service switch to OFF. Now the Pulse Converter has to be fixed in this position. You ask an assistant to depress the lever of the Sprag Relay and keep it pressed while you make the setting. If you do not have a helper, you can hold down the lever in the depressed position with a screwdriver, which you put between the lever and adjusting screw.

For the setting you loosen the Allen screw (the lower one on your picture) and turn the arm, so that it is exactly over the pin A1. Then you tighten the Allen screw firmly. The opposite pin pusher must be exactly between the pins K20 and A2. If he is not exactly between the pins, you have to bend him to this position.

Now can the unblock the Sprag Relay and set the service switch back ON.

Best regards - charly49
Re: AMi K Pin Pusher Alignment
30.09.15 22:11
Wow.. that was easy! For the first time since I have owned the AMi, it is working 100%. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
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